Gaggia Descaler

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Gaggia Descaler

Gaggia Decalcifier is specially formulated for Gaggia Espresso Machines. A critical part of the maintenance process, the Gaggia Decalcifier removes calcium deposits from machine components. This is the only decalcifier that has been tested and approved by Gaggia. It has been designed to prolong the machines’ lifespans and can be used on both semi-automatic and super-automatic espresso machines. Product Size: 250ml bottle. One bottle is enough to descale your machine 2 times.



Most Helpful Customer Reviews

Woo, hoo, etc, 13 April 2011

I have a Gaggia Baby Class D. Lovely machine, makes great espresso if you feed it Illy coffee, which I generally do. But a while ago, it started to have problems with pushing water through the head. I descaled it with the Gaggia powdered stuff, which made no difference at all. Hardly a trickle came through the brew head. I found this on Amazon a few days ago, and thought it was worth a try.
And it certainly was. After blasting some steam through the wand (which I don’t normally use, as I’m a pure espresso kind of person), I pressed the manual button. There was a bit of noise, then water started to flow – at first a trickle, then a proper flow. Blockage cleared!
I’ll be getting some more of this and using it every few months as preventative maintenance.

Great product, shame about the translation!, 26 Feb 2011

Our wonderful Gaggia Baby had stopped dispensing espresso completely, so i tried dismantling the likely bits, and cleaning them up. Once re-assembled, disappointly there was still no flow at all from the espresso outlets. So I tried this product as a last resort.
I found the english translation of the instructions somewhat confusing, and I came close to burning myself with the steam-wand as a result. Anyway, after some trial and error I discovered how to flush through the considerable quantity of diluted descaler, followed by several litres of clean water. It took about 2 hrs in all. However, our Gaggia Baby is now reborn and fully functional!!
I think I will now use this descaler every year (not 6 months as recommended on product, as a preventative. It certainly works brilliantly!

New life for a dying La Pavoni!, 10 Jan 2011

So pleased I tried this. Thought that my Pavoni Eurobar was consigned to the skip – had nothing to loose. The descaler has breathed new life into the machine…frothing like never before. Feel silly that I never descaled my poor machine earlier – obvious really. I rang a local kitchen shop which sells Pavoni plus other top end machines, they didn’t supply any descalers but did try to flog me a new machine — grrr! Well worth a go.